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Posted by Carlos on January 3, 2008


1. “Take-Over-The-World Plan”: Key Pentagon Strategist Plots Global War On Terror

2. The Destabilization of Pakistan

3. “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

4. Iran and Italy to Sign Gas Export Agreement

5. China’s Rising Presence in Africa is Wake-Up Call For EU

6. Putin Will Not Allow Bush’s “Missile Defense” System To Be Deployed

7. The Last Empire: China’s Pollution Problem Goes Global

8. The Left and Ron Paul

9. The State Of Iraq As It Enters 2008

10. An Unholy Land Grab: The Story of a Palestinian Farm


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Posted by Carlos on December 18, 2007


1. Prison Interrogation Techniques in Israel: Now You’re Paralyzed, As We Promised

2. Ohio Sec. of State Confirms 2004 Election Could Have Been Stolen

3. Bush Goes Private To Spy On You

4. Left For Dead By New Labour, British Liberals Must Urgently Fight Back

5. The North American Union And The Larger Plan

6. Reconciling Fascism With Reality

7. Implications of Commercial Real Estate Collapse

8. Picture That Proves Torture Flights Still Landing in the UK

9. Tom Whipple’s Peak Oil Review (Dec. 17th)

10. Manufacturing Threats: Iran, Sudan, and the War For Civilisation

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Posted by Carlos on December 14, 2007


1. The Planned Collapse of America

2. Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 Was Inside Job (link fixed)

3. Iranian “War Premium” Vanishes From Crude Oil

4. Top 11 Warmest Years On Record Have Come in the Last 13

5. A Snapshot of the Sub-Prime Market

6. Peak Oil Crisis: NY Times Drops the First Shoe

7. USB Posts Fresh $10 billion Sub-Prime Write-Down

8. Red Cross: Global Warming Caused Record Disasters In 2007

9. Ecuador Denies U.S., Offers Manta Air Base to China

10. Ron Paul’s Revolution Problem

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Posted by Carlos on December 13, 2007


1. Ten Reasons Why “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam to Justify the Next U.S. Oil War in Africa

2. Iran Stops Selling Oil in U.S. Dollars

3. Bankers Face Grim Truth: Worst Is Yet To Come

4. Tom Whipple’s Peak Oil Review (Dec. 11th)

5. Every Day U.S. Debt Grows by $1.4 billion

6. Offshoring Interests and Economic Dogmas are Destroying the U.S. Dollar

7. Invasion: A Comparison of Soviet and Western Media Performance

8. Bush’s Assault On Habeas Corpus

9. Jack Straw MP: “Labour’s Decade Is Liberty’s Best Since The Vote Was Won”

10. What Jack Straw Forgot To Mention

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