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Police stop drivers at DUI checkpoint

Posted by Carlos on December 26, 2014

Daily Commercial Staff Writer
A driver’s license checkpoint at the busy tri-city exchange between Eustis, Mount Dora, and Umatilla yielded nearly 1,000 vehicles.

Eustis Police Det. Elena Breedlove, who orchestrated the checkpoint, called the four-hour Friday night operation a success.

Breedlove said the area needed the proactive measure to remind citizens that Florida statutes require motorists to have in their possession a valid driver’s license. “It helps promote safety in the neighborhood,” she said. The check point stopped traffic in all four directions of the intersection of County Roads 44 and 452, near the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Lake County resident Margaret Anschutz was elated when Eustis Officer Shane McSheehy asked to see her license.

“I just got a brand new license today with a new picture,” she said. “You’re the first one to see it!”

However, Eustis resident Michael Nash, 20, was not near as happy when he was caught driving without a license. He was arrested on a charge of violation of probation for domestic violence. He was taken to the Lake County jail and is being held on $10, 000, according to Eustis Police Sgt. Adam Donaldson.

“This kind of check point is beneficial not just for driver’s licenses, but also leads to other citations, warnings and arrests,” he said.

Mount Dora Police Sgt. Robert Bell, one of three Mount Dora officers used to support the one Umatilla and six Eustis officers, said the event was a good opportunity to work mutual support with the other agencies for proactive policing measures.

“This is good to do, because many people who don’t have licenses probably don’t’ have insurance and if they get in a wreck, the other person has to pay. It is just a good checks-and-balance system for the public,” said Bell.


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NIH plans labs to study deadly germs

Posted by Carlos on December 26, 2014

Saturday, December 14, 2002

NIH plans labs to study deadly germs
Some scientists say the facilities will increase the odds for bioterrorism.

Cox News Service

WASHINGTON – The National Institutes of Health is moving ahead with plans to build three large laboratories for research on the deadliest known microbes, despite warnings from some scientists that the facilities will increase the odds that a disease like Ebola could escape – or be deliberately released – into the general population.

One or two of the facilities, which are known as biosafety level 4 laboratories, or BSL-4s, would be operated by private interests, such as a university-based consortium, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, or NIAID, which is providing funds for construction and research. Two more would be operated by the government.

In addition, the government plans to fund construction of up to six less-secure BSL-3 laboratories.

“This is a recipe for disaster,” Eileen Choffnes, a program manager at the National Academy of Sciences Committee for International Security and Arms Control, declared last month in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Choffnes, whose article bore a notation that it represented her views only and not those of the academy, is one of several scientists to warn that building additional facilities will spread the availability and access that would-be terrorists might have to deadly pathogens.

“These laboratories might become a pathogen-modification training academy or a biowarfare agent ‘superstore,'” Choffnes wrote. “The physical tools and technology of bioterror are relatively cheap. It’s the knowledge and experience of working with pathogens that’s priceless.”

NIAID officials said the need to better understand potential biological weapons and to develop vaccines and therapeutics for them comes at a time when existing BSL-4 labs are being used.

“The new experiments that need to be done in order to find new vaccines and new anti-virals or new antibiotics for the agents that are associated with those diseases require work done under BSL-4 facilities,” said Carole Heilman, director of the NIAID division of microbiology and infectious diseases, which will oversee the laboratories.

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Posted by Carlos on December 1, 2007

Stop The War Coalition Conference

I’ll be doing a bit of outreach at this Stop The War event in London today, and the lucky recipients of my paper scrap flyers should be aware that they are practically the first beings to know of this page. That’s also an excuse for my slow start in writing stuff, but there are some real crackers in the pipeline.

There is a lengthy list of video links to sort and upload in stages, but the categories on the right are the most important and were therefore prioritised (some are pretty heavy, so watch out). Hopefully within a month we can hit 300 videos, and it’s all down to my (humble) nerd-like, compendium-esque knowledge of modern documentaries and progressive activists, and a lot of tiring searches within Video Google. I think you’ll appreciate the effort.

*You can watch all these videos in full-screen, so just try to find the button to click so it expands for you. The videos load from the beginning and if your net connection is too slow (meaning the video plays faster than it can load) you’ll have to pause while it loads up in advance.

This blog is eventually designed to be an open, cooperative effort. I guess no-one’s going to contribute to something that no-one even reads yet, so let’s wait and see.

ABOUT THE EBOOKS! I haven’t yet decided which ones to include, but you’ll be duly impressed whichever ones make the grade for manageable email-size. Send me a blank email (see top left) and wait for the attachments…

Also, I’d love to see comments on any videos you’ve watched. Peace.

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