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Posted by Carlos on January 3, 2008


1. “Take-Over-The-World Plan”: Key Pentagon Strategist Plots Global War On Terror

2. The Destabilization of Pakistan

3. “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

4. Iran and Italy to Sign Gas Export Agreement

5. China’s Rising Presence in Africa is Wake-Up Call For EU

6. Putin Will Not Allow Bush’s “Missile Defense” System To Be Deployed

7. The Last Empire: China’s Pollution Problem Goes Global

8. The Left and Ron Paul

9. The State Of Iraq As It Enters 2008

10. An Unholy Land Grab: The Story of a Palestinian Farm


5 Responses to “”

  1. “Society is Rigged for Implosion”

    “Forecast for 2008”

    “For the tiny fraction of people who actually pay attention to real events — those, for instance, who know the difference between Narnia and Kandahar — the final hours of 2007 leading into the fog-shrouded abyss of 2008 must induce great racking shudders of nausea. Has there ever been a society so exquisitely rigged for implosion? The whole listing, creaking, reeking edifice stands like one of those obsolete Las Vegas pleasure palaces awaiting a mere pulse of electrons to ignite a thousand explosive charges perfectly placed to blow away the structural supports”

    “The inertia holding everything together that I described in last year’s forecast finally melted away at mid-summer and events began spooling out of control. Specifically, the massive tonnage of debt-backed securities circulating through the financial sector stood revealed for the mostly worthless bales of paper they truly are, and the investment community was left suspended in mid-air, grinning unconvincingly, like Wile E. Coyote thirteen yards beyond the edge of the mesa, with a sputtering grenade in each hand and an anvil tied to his ankles”…

    “A Christmas Eve Story”…

    “Failure Beyond Finance”

    “Events are driving us now, not personalities or even policies. Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, and the other characters in the headlines might pretend that they are managing things, but the truth is that problems in the financial sector have spun wildly out of control. The wheels are coming off and we are in that long sickening moment of sideways sliding motion when no attempt at steering will avail to avoid the crash. That it is happening at the very height of the Christmas season, when events have previously been controllable — the season of manufactured Santa Claus rallies and $50 million bonuses — shows how perilous the situation is”…

  2. “The clue to the character of the “End Game” is the Strategic and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed by Presidents Bush, Fox of Mexico and Martin of Canada in Waco, Texas in March, 2006″…

  3. no agenda said

    So Italy reaching an agreement with a fascist theocracy which violates the human rights of its own citizens on a daily basis, seeks to spread it particular brand of belief in the sky pixie in a compulsory way and funds armed groups whose intent it is to destabilise sovreign states is a good thing?

    The left has finally disappeared up its own fundament.

  4. Carlos said

    No Agenda:

    The government of Italy hardly represents “the left”, nor did this blog voice any opinion on whether the Iran-Italy deal was a positive or negative thing. I will say that if Iran supports Lebanese militants still struggling to reclaim their land after 20+ years of Israeli occupation, and to free thousands of their militia imprisoned in Israeli dungeons, that is certainly a more positive thing than the US supporting and funding a nuclear-armed Israel carte blanche in their continued apartheid and forced expropriation of Palestinian lands.


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