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Posted by Carlos on December 10, 2007

George Galloway’s Mother Of All Talk Shows

From the Friday 7th Dec. 2007 show (MP3) :: Courtesy of


GG: “I’ve been in many of Britain’s prisons, as a visitor, I should add –- not as a con -– and the smell and the sights and the sounds of Britain’s prisons; overcrowded prisons with people sharing cells in numbers that would have been uncountenanceable [sic] just a few decades ago in Britain — it’s not any kind of holiday camp you’d want to visit twice!

The reason people keep reoffending and keeping ending up back in jail is because they’re ignorant, illiterate, can’t read, can’t write, hooked on drugs, hooked on drink -– that’s the reason why most people are in prison, or they’re mentally ill and they should be in hospital and not in jail. Just building more and more prisons and banging more and more people up isn’t going to solve our problem. We’re not the most criminal people in the world, but we have the highest criminal population in our prisons in Western Europe.”


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