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Posted by Carlos on December 6, 2007

George Galloway’s Mother Of All Talk Shows

From the Friday 30 Nov. 2007 show (MP3) :: Courtesy of


Karl in Plaistow (London), England: “Good evening George, I’d like to talk about the funding thing but first of all, there’s a general approach that I ask your listeners to watch out for. The BBC report on the Russian elections tonight managed to discuss the elections without once mentioning the name of the main opposition party. There was an article in the Guardian yesterday which did exactly the same. They kept talking about just generally, “the opposition”, without mentioning who in fact they are. And of course it’s the Communist Party, still the largest single party in Russia because ‘United Russia’ is a coalition. So you don’t have to tell lies to be untruthful; the picture they present is not a truthful one, because they ignore the continuing strength of the Communist Party in Russia.”


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  1. Great site.

  2. Carlos said

    Thanks George. Send me a blank email, I’m doing free ebooks. You’ll like.

  3. Henry Dubb said

    Just an idea, [audio=] will put an audio player in the post.

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