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Posted by Carlos on November 25, 2007

George Galloway’s Mother Of All Talk Shows

From the Saturday 24 Nov. 2007 show (MP3)


Karl in Plaistow (London), England: “Now, your very clever caller last night, he got me thinking when he pointed out that early human societies had no concept of land ownership…”

GG: “That was Fred, the wisest cabbie in Christendom.”

Karl: “There’s a wonderful song called “The Manchester Rambler” by Ewan MacColl, in which he sings — when confronted by a gamekeeper — that no man has the right to own mountains any more than the deep ocean bed. The whole concept of land ownership is quite bizarre when looked at objectively. Most of the land we live on is owned by private individuals who contributed absolutely nothing to its presence. The Duke of Westminster, who I doubt has ever done a day’s deductive work in his life, is the biggest landowner in this land, and how this land was first acquired is lost in the midst of the Dark Ages and barbarism. I once saw a debate on TV in which a Scottish aristocrat insisted that his ancestors had fought for the land he owned, whereon a member of the audience stood up, took his jacket off and said “OK, I’ll fight you for it!”. Karl Marx described early society as “primitive communism” because we hunted, gathered and consumed collectively, and the basic family unit operates as a commune. We’re constantly told that war and greed are natural, but as I pointed out to you a few weeks ago, the last time I hit anybody or anybody hit me, I was drunk, and that is most people’s experience.”


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  1. You can listen to more of GG’s shows on

  2. Robert Ryder said

    Totally agree with you about land rights. Interestingly it is done a little differently on mainland Europe. Here in Germany one can legitimately wander across the land. It would be entirely possible to walk or ride from Munich in the south to Hamburg in the north entirely on field paths without resorting to so-called public roads at any point. Try doing that in the UK

  3. Richard Barton said

    You’d certainly have a job to do that in the UK, seeing as Munich and Hamburg are not in the UK.

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