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Posted by Carlos on November 25, 2007

George Galloway’s Mother Of All Talk Shows

From the Friday 23 Nov. 2007 show (MP3)


Cyril in Beddington, England: “George, I wanted to talk about – you’ve had a few rabid capitalists on tonight – and I might be naive and simplistic in my views, but there’s so many obscenities now, especially in this new form of capitalism we’ve got: this really aggressive form of capitalism. For every rise in the share price, someone somewhere is being exploited or dispossessed, or being made unemployed, or worst of all, they’re being invaded and occupied and subjugated by capitalist governments. It’s becoming more and more of an aggressive pursuit and the trouble is, it enriches just a tiny percentage of the world, as far as I can see. We get sold this trick all day, this myth that we all benefit from it, but the truth is that most of us get few crumbs from this table, and the people who don’t get a lot out of the system seem to blindly defend it.”


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